Donald G. Dunn

S'87 M'91 SM'99

Candidate for 2008 IEEE Region 5 Director-Elect

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IEEE Accomplishments
Donald G. Dunn

During 20 years of IEEE membership, I have held many leadership positions. I have contributed to conferences, publications, standards, membership, sections, and chapters, etc. 

As an IEEE volunteer I have had the opportunity to be active within both of IEEE’s two major boards (TAB and RAB).  I have been an active member within IAS PCIC (1994) and now serve as the Education Department Chairman.  Since 1999, I have actively volunteered on the Houston Section Executive Committee as Chairman in 2001-2002 and again in 2006.  I have also had the opportunity to serve in numerous capacities on the Region 5 Excom since 2002 and other IEEE board positions since 2004.  I have been active in Standards for many years and chair P1714.  I have (co)authored over twenty papers within the IEEE and other professional organizations and have been a frequent invited presenter. 

My leadership involvement within the Houston Section, Region 5 and IAS PCIC has contributed to increased value to the individual member.  This, along with a successful track record of building consensus on technical, professional, educational, and organizational issues, provides me with a unique perspective and the ability to achieve the goals and objectives necessary to lead Region 5.